Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission is to continuously enhance our strategic position through three objectives:

Market Penetration

We operate the industry’s largest and most diverse fleet of multi-purpose and heavy-lift vessels, world-wide. We take a unique approach to the market with APAC – any port any cargo – combining the efficiency of a liner service with the flexibility of a project tramp service.

Service Quality Leadership

We satisfy our customers with safe, environmentally conscious, high-quality service delivery.

World Class Network

We employ the industry’s best shipping professionals, in a world-wide office network.

Core values

Since BBC Chartering was founded in 1997, we have been developing core values and leadership objectives which represent the fundamental beliefs of our organization.

These values and objectives guide us in everything we do, and are the benchmark that determines whether we are living and working in accordance with our Vision & Mission:


We are one team. We look out for each other and we support each other to grow. Everyone at BBC Chartering is given a lot of responsibility, and we set high expectations for ourselves and for each other. We trust our colleagues to perform and so do our clients. We are successful because we endeavor to get better every day. Each of us makes a unique contribution, and when we put it all together the result is BBC Chartering.


Every one of us wants to be someone who earns the trust of our most critical colleagues and our clients, driven by know-how, honesty, and fairness.


We have and show respect for ourselves, for each other, and for our customers.


As a global team of professionals, we are committed to working together. This means that we communicate with each other openly, politely, and effectively. We listen to our customers, their needs, and requirements, and we keep them informed about every stage of the transport operation.


We hold each other to the highest standards. We take pride in what we do, and we take pride in how we do it. We also make mistakes, but we learn from them. We do not make the same mistake twice.


We actively work to ensure the safety of the crew, our staff, the vessel, and of course the cargo we are entrusted to carry and strive to achieve a record of zero accidents.


We are aware of our place in the world, the impact we have on resources, and our duty to support environmental conservation. All employees, on board and ashore, are participating actively in order to archive excellence through quality and with respect to the environment. We live by our HSEQ Policy.


When cargo is entrusted to us, we know we must perform. Every time. No matter what. We meet the needs of our clients while maintaining efficient schedules and competitive rates. Regardless of the type of cargo or the ports involved, an efficient transport solution is always the goal.


Every shipment is different. We approach each one with the desire to make it work, and with that swiftly adapt to new or changing requirements.


With the wealth of our experience and knowledge we develop creative solutions that best meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients. Therefore, we have the best shipping people in the industry.