Any port. Any cargo.

Flexible, reliable and safe

Any port. Any cargo. These four words quickly explain our service motto to call 'any port for any cargo' and promote high performance inducement services worldwide. Our service motto uniquely combines the efficiency of liner services with the flexibility of a project tramp service and ensures market-leading shipping performance, economics, service quality, and eco-friendly global ocean transportation for project, breakbulk and general cargo.

Your key benefits

  • Flexibility: Inducements along trade lanes, at any port for any cargo

  • Coverage: Over 30 global high frequency trades worldwide

  • Least risk: Market-leading shipping performance

  • High value: Integrated transport delivery and quality operations

  • Reliability: about 50% of our fleet is group-controlled

We manage more than 6,000 port calls annually, more than any other project carrier. Utilizing the largest fleet of multipurpose heavy-lift vessels, our office network with global coverage, and our experience in delivering integrated project solutions, “Any port. Any cargo” stands for proven quality in project, heavy-lift and general cargo deliveries since 1997.