Versatile and Flexible Fleet

BBC owes much of its success to a versatile and powerful fleet of vessels which range from 4,325 dwat to 56,800 dwat, and are capable of lifting cargo up to 900 mts.

We operate more than 150 modern, multipurpose heavy lift vessels which comprise one of the largest breakbulk fleets afloat. Operating one of the youngest fleets in the industry, charterers have learned to rely on performance, safety standards and service quality of BBC. With shallow draft characteristics, each vessel is capable of delivering any cargo to any port, including offshore operations. Our adjustable tweendecks optimize our hold to fit cargoes of differing dimensions making each vessel as efficient as possible.

BBC’s mission is to provide a worldwide network of vessels for every breakbulk, heavy lift, project cargo and bulk need. The size and versatility of our fleet ensures the best value for our customers by providing the right vessel for each cargo, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

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