BBC brings batch of locomotives to Kenya

June 2015 - BBC successfully delivered 22 diesel locomotives to Africa‘s Rift Valley Railways (RVR) in Mombasa.

BBC Vermont delivered the first batch of 3 locomotives in September 2014, and BBC Ganges completed the shipment with a final batch of 4 locomotives in June 2015.With weights of about 105mt each locomotive was loaded and unloaded using the vessel’s own gear through dual lifting operations. The BBC Ganges is a 17,000 dwt MPP / HL vessel which provides a lifting capacity of 500mt (2x 250mt) and an additional crane with 80mt. BBC Chartering operates seven vessels of this type.

The locomotives are re-engineered and re-fitted B23-7 General Electric diesel locomotives from a factory in Illinois. According to Qalaa Holdings, the railways operator’s majority shareholder, the trains will double RVR‘s main line locomotive fleet and substantially increase freight haulage capacity in Kenya and Uganda.


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