FPSO module discharged in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

BBC Sapphire delivers accommodation unit for FPSO ‘P67’

August 2014 – Brazil’s oil giant Petrobras has commissioned works in China and Indonesia to convert four oil tankers into FPSOs to further secure and increase oil production of the company’s pre-salt field developments offshore Brazil.

The conversions will be completed in Brazil, before commencing operations in the Santos Basin. Although a minor (but important) component of the conversions, all FPSOs will be fitted with large accommodation units for offshore workers. As subjects of the FPSOs distributed production schedule, the accommodation units for the mentioned FPSOs are also fabricated in China.

BBC Chartering was awarded to bring the first of the four six story high housing units from Dalian, China to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And this July, BBC successfully delivered module No.1 for the ‘P-67’ FPSO, destined for ‘Lula Norte’, a field which is expected to produce oil in 2016.

Using external floating cranes for cargo operations, the transfer of this 1380mt heavy accommodation unit was accomplished by the BBC Sapphire, a 14,800dwt vessel with 2x 400mt lifting capacity.



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