Angolan offshore units mobilized

July 2014 - Four building units for an Angolan offshore project moved from Houston to Okpa, South Korea onboard the BBC Pearl, a 14,800dwt heavy-lift vessel with 2x 400mt lifting capacity.

With weights of 110, 199, 500 and 505 metric tons, the two lighter and smaller structures were stowed in the vessel’s hold; the bigger units travelled on deck of the vessel and provided a remarkable sight. 

Due to the given dimensions and specifics of the cargo, the lighter units could be moved using the vessel’s own crane. The larger units required a higher clearance, hence they needed to be lifted with external cranes. Here two Texas-based floating crane barges, the “Big John” from Houston and “Big T” from Galveston were engaged to lift the housing units onto the BBC Pearl’s deck.

A their destination Okpa, South Korea the modules will become part of larger platform structures destined for the second stage of the Mafumeira Sul project, a major West African Oil development project offshore Angola.



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