Horizon Oil Sands Project units were shipped by BBC

BBC Queensland underway for Canadian Horizon Oil Sands Project, Bitumount, Alberta

March 2014 – The Horizon Oil Sands Project was approved in 2005 and since 2009 the project produces and increases its output of high quality, low-sulphur, sweet synthetic crude oil (SCO).

In its ongoing expansion efforts, a new vacuum distillation unit (VDU), a diluents recovery unit (DRU) and a hydrogen sulphide recovery unit (HSU) were ordered to enhance the project’s capabilities. These three major heavy lift units were fabricated in Ciwandan, Indonesia and required shipment to Houston, Texas. Due to existing oversize restrictions on Canadian routes, the HSU column, the VDU and DRU vessel had to be railed to their final destination in Canada from Houston.  Other, smaller supplies for the project were directly delivered to Vancouver and then transported overland to the project’s site in Bitumount, Alberta.

The 2006 built BBC Queensland was selected to deliver this job. She is one of four vessels with a cargo intake of 8,000dwt and a combined lifting capability of 500mt. 


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