Ship sections shipped onboard BBC vessel, Thailand

BBC Everest transported 25 ship sections for DAMEN Shipyards from Thailand to Vietnam

February 2014 – The Dutch shipbuilder DAMEN needed logistical support to bring a vessel from Sattahip, Thailand to the shipyard in Hai Phong, Vietnam this month.

The packing list for this shipment consisted of 25 single vessel units including supplies. With sections measuring between 6 and 15 meters in length and 12,50m in beam, they brought a total of about 1,100 tons on board the assigned BBC Everest.

The 2011 built BBC Everest is the first of a compact size heavy lift vessel series featuring a combined lifting capacity of 700mt and a cargo intake of 9,300 dwt. BBC Chartering operates eight vessels of this highly versatile vessel type.


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