BBC Chartering wins important Brazilian industry reward

September 19, 2013 – The global provider of multipurpose and heavy lift shipping services, German based BBC Chartering is pleased to announce it was awarded first winner in the category “best carrier for specialized cargoes” by the Brazilian magazine and maritime guide “Guia Marítimo”. On Sept. 16, the magazine publicly awarded the industry recognitions during a ceremony staged in Sao Paolo.

The awarding was based on the assessments given in an online survey executed in the first quarter of the year amongst global traders selected by the publication. This year, more than 1,200 maritime companies, including terminals, ports, freight forwarders, port agents, and cargo customers participated in this field study, marking a new record.

Washington de Barros, President of BBC do Brazil, took reception of the prize and stated: “We feel honored to receive this award already for the second time. It is very important for us as it conveys how much our services are valued by the market. I like to thank the global team of BBC Chartering which enables us to do our job; and I like to thank our business partners for their assessment. We can assure you that this motivates us even more to keep up our hard work and keep improving so we will be able to satisfy our clients over and over again.” 

Refugees rescue: BBC Fuji saves lives of 117 south of Sicily

Sept 27, 2013 – The BBC FUJI was on her passage from Libya to Gibraltar in the night of September 24 to 25, when the vessel received a message from the MRCC Roma (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center) to set course for an unidentified boat in distress south of Sicily.

The BBC FUJI followed the MRCC order and proceeded to the given position. At 6:10am in the morning of Sept. 25 the vessel found a rubber boat crowded with refugees and prepared for their rescue. The rubber boat positioned alongside the vessel and overall 117 people, thereof 95 men, 16 women, 6 and children safely transferred onto the BBC FUJI via the pilot ladder.

The refugees stated they were from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan and reported there was a second boat with refugees, but the whereabouts of this boat were unknown at that time. The vessel master observed that some refugees were in weak health condition, requiring medical assistance soonest. Onboard the BBC FUJI, the crew cared for the exhausted refugees and supplied food and water.

The BBC FUJI was ordered to deliver the refugees to the Port of Augusta, Sicily. By 10:00pm in the late evening the vessel berthed in Augusta and the refugees disembarked. Here, immediate medical assistance was provided by the Italian Red Cross and the Coast Guard. Guided by the Italian police the refugees proceeded to the Port Authorities marking an end of the rescue mission for the BBC FUJI. By midnight the vessel left the Port of Augusta again and continued her voyage to Gibraltar.

It was only ten days earlier on Sept. 14, when the BBC ICELAND was asked by the MRCC Roma to assist in another mission rescuing 134 Syrians south of Sicily.

BBC Chartering moves "Tall Ship Theatre"

June 18, 2013 – BBC Chartering is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Caravan Stage Company’s Tall Ship Theater. The Caravan Stage Company is a non profit theatrical company that brings innovative performances to shore audiences from the deck of the ‘Amara Zee’.

On June 15, 2013, BBC Chartering loaded the 30m long ‘Amara Zee’ (125mt) on board the m/v BBC Ohio in Salerno, Italy for transatlantic transport to Houston. It will then travel on its own keel to New Orleans to prepare for its upcoming show, “Hacked…The Treasure of the Empire.” The performance is scheduled for the end of September.

Adriana Kelder, show producer and designer of the Caravan Stage Company, got excited about the successful loading. “When the Amara Zee finally settled on to the deck of the BBC Ohio, a resounding cheer was heard from the crews, a standing ovation to the BBC Chartering Team! This is about as good as it gets for a beautiful theatre ship in performance!”

Svend Andersen, BBC Chartering’s CEO proudly said, “We are excited to see the Amara Zee move with BBC Chartering and we are pleased that we can help bring the Caravan Stage Company’s show to people around the world.”

Syria Crisis: BBC Chartering assisted rescue operation

Sept 17, 2013 – The global provider of multipurpose and heavy lift shipping services, German based BBC Chartering reports its vessel BBC ICELAND assisted a rescue operation where more than 300 Syrian refugees were found floating in fishing boats off the Italian-Sicilian coast on September 13.

Due to its proximity to the scene, the BBC ICELAND’s master reported the vessel received order from the MRCC Roma (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center) in the late evening of Sept. 13, to remain standby and assist the operation if needed. In the early morning hours of Sept. 14, the Italian coast
guard requested the BBC ICELAND to take on some refugees as not all could be taken onboard the coast guard vessels on the scene. In total 134 Syrians, all men, were transferred to the BBC ICELAND.

Upon instructions of the Italian Ministry of Interior, the BBC ICELAND was asked to proceed to the Port of Pozzalo (Sicily) where the tug boat “Citta di Augusta” was ordered to take over the refugees. All 134 Syrians could be safely transferred onboard the tug. Having completed her first humanitarian rescue
mission, the BBC ICELAND left the scene again in the afternoon of Sept. 14 and commenced her originally planned passage.

BBC Chartering strengthens Korean business

June 14, 2013 – The market leading provider of multipurpose and heavy lift shipping services, German based BBC Chartering, announces to bolster business in Korea.

BBC Chartering started with a first representation in Seoul back in 2003. Following a recent reorganization, the carrier aims at further strengthening its Far East presence. The local team of ten now covers chartering, operations and technical services and will be headed by Paul Kim as Managing Director.

BBC Chartering’s Lars Schoennemann, MD of the office in Singapore, comments this step: “Korea represent a strategic growth market for us. Here we clearly strive to play a bigger role in the future. We are pleased about the possibility to further expand and help our clients with our global shipping solutions.” Other presences of the carrier in the Far East region are Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; and the regional head quarter in Singapore.

Contact details of the expanded and moved office in Seoul are as follows:

BBC Chartering Korea Co., Ltd
133-12, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu
Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82-2-795-0008
Fax: +82-2-795-7422
Email: chartering.seoul at

BBC Chartering sells interest in `Teras BBC`

June 10, 2013 - Teras Cargo Transport and BBC Chartering are pleased to announce that they have agreed to an offer by Teras Cargo Transport for the acquisition of 100% of BBC Chartering’s interest in the U.S. Flag Joint Venture known as "Teras BBC".

Teras Cargo Transport will continue uninterrupted US Flag service in support of its U.S. Government and commercial activities. BBC Chartering will continue to provide global ocean carriage of heavy lift and project cargoes to service their commercial clients, which are not affected by this transaction.

M/V BBC Arizona suffers cargo damage

June 6, 2013 – As reported by U.S. Coast Guard representatives earlier, the BBC Chartering operated vessel M/V BBC Arizona is subject to investigative action. During discharge operation in Valdez leakage of mineral oil from a project cargo was discovered. It was accompanied with minor fire, which was extinguished momentarily. Officials at BBC Chartering report that no personal injuries or damages to cargo have occurred as a result of this incident.

BBC Chartering has been working closely with the US Coast Guard and the Valdez Port Authorities to ensure the continued safety of the crew and take steps to prevent any further leaks or fires.

The BBC Arizona will remain at the port until the ship is decontaminated and approved for sailing. Further briefings will be provided as necessary.


CaytransBBC strengthens Caribbean Service

Dan-Gulf and BBC Chartering add m/v BBC Ocean to CaytransBBC Fleet

January/February 2013 – BBC Chartering and Dan-Gulf Shipping announce that the m/v BBC Ocean will be joining the CaytransBBC fleet mid February this year. The BBC Ocean is a 6,150dwt tween deck multi-purpose vessel with 329,450cbf bale capacity featuring 120mt lifting capacity.

The BBC Ocean will be operated by CaytransBBC which offers a weekly break-bulk liner service between Houston and Mobile to the North Coast of South America, the Caribbean and Central America. The larger vessel and the increased capacity allow the line to provide higher levels of service to clients.

“Adding a larger vessel to our fleet reflects our positive outlook on the market and is a direct result of the continued growth of our service. We believe that the BBC Ocean will allow us to offer better options for larger parcels into and out of the North Coast of South America” said Mac Bruton, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Dan-Gulf.

CaytransBBC LLC is a joint venture between BBC Chartering & Logistics GmbH & Co. KG and Caytrans Project Services (Americas) Ltd. The CaytransBBC Service is managed by Dan-Gulf Shipping. With sales jointly handled by BBC Chartering USA and Dan-Gulf, the service has enjoyed a steady and healthy growth over the years thanks to its customer service, its operating professionals and its competitive pricing.

Caytrans BBC operates between five and six box shaped multi-purpose tween-deck vessels between 3,500 and 6,150dwt with lifting capacity of up to 120mt. The service has the ability to quickly tap into the large fleet of multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels operated by BBC Chartering, giving access to vessels with lifting capacity of up to 800mt.

BBC Chartering opens branch office in Brisbane

May 2013 – The global provider of multipurpose and heavy lift shipping services, German based BBC Chartering, announces to launch a new local presence in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

“With this new dot on the BBC Chartering world-map we move ahead and further improve services in Australia for our international clients”, remarks Lars Schoennemann, BBC Chartering’s responsible managing director for the Asia/Oceania region in Singapore.

Captain Igor Konovalenko, formerly working for BBC Chartering in Melbourne, was nominated as local representative of BBC Chartering’s new branch in Brisbane.

Contact details of the new office are as follows:

BBC Chartering Australia Pty. Ltd
(Queensland Branch)
PO Box 10024
Adelaide Street
4000 Brisbane, Queensland

Phone: +49 491 925 2090
Fax: +49 491 925 2099
E-mail: communication at


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